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Ravishing Red

Tano Celebrity Stunt Bag $289

Banana Republic Cyclone Rain Boot $79.50

Toy Watch Oversized Plasteramic Watch $225

Aeropostale Plaid Wool Toggle Coat $49.75

Halston Heritage Red Silk Shirtdress $295

302 Red Desk Phone $59

Kate Spade Short Stories Collection $35

Chalet Red Throw $29.95

Urban Renewal Kilt $48


I love red!  Red always makes me happy it makes me feel bold, sassy, and vivacious.  I think red would be a color I would say best suits my personality, so when I am not feeling most like myself I incorporate it more into my daily life.   With last week being feel of major decisions and my confidence that I made the right choices wavering, simple red hues remind me of all the bold chances I have taken that have paid off.


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Recently I have been quite the complaining Carol.  I am not going to lie working from home has been a huge adjustment and has gotten me in a funk about what I am doing with my life.  As I explore the world of finding a career that I am more passionate, and less apathetic about, I think maybe all I need is a daily reminder of life’s wonderful simplicities.  Sugaboo Designs, creates these great shabby chic signs for your home they are featured on Hautelook.com from time to time (let me know if you need an invite) but, can also be purchased here.  They run about $280 (not on sale) and whether you admire them, purchase one, or use it as inspiration for a DIY project they just might be what you need!



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About two weeks ago I made the transition into working from home.  To most people this sounds like a tiny slice of heaven but, it is a huge adjustment, and I don’t know how well I am actually coping.  The upswing, is that it really has highlighted how sparse my place really is and all those projects I have moved to the back burner.  With the option of frolicking outside slowly dying down, I am going to take this weekend to focus on some house projects I have left incomplete, or have simply just said I’ll do it later.

Finding a great antique settee to re-upholster, and possibly re-finish for my living room.


Stripping my kitchen table, painting it white and finding fun mis-matched antique chairs to create a great place to enjoy coffee, friends, and dinner.

Enhancing my persian chic bedroom with more: textures, patterns, and a perfect pink hue that screams soothing and not little girl

Finally, finishing the antique dresser I scored for $25 on Craigs List that has been sitting in my parents garage

Whether your weekend To do list be big or small, enjoy your weekend!


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DIY Homemade Shelf

A couple of months ago I blogged about installing my own chandelier and butting up a mirror in my entrance way (see here ).  It seemed as though something was still lacking.  The space is kind of small so a table was out of the question, so I decided to make a charming shelf.  What you will need:  remnint of plywood according you your measurements,  a piece of fabric that is cut to fit the wood with an inch on all sides of overhang, liquid starch, bucket, and brackets.

To start this project you are going to take your measured fabric and submerge it in a bucket of starch.  The starch may shrink the fabric a tad, but that is why you cut extra fabric.  The fabric is then applied to the wood making sure to press out any air bubbles.  The starch will act as a glue, to seal off the ends fold as a package and allow to dry.  

To install the shelf I selected some brackets from anthropologie, measured and made sure they were level then screwed in with screws.  I placed the bored on top and the rest is history!

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Cozy Throws

1. Pendleton Herringbone Wool Throw pendleton-usa.com $124

2. Sea Green Stripe Throw overstock.com $29.49

3. Martha Stewart Ruffle Throw macys.com $39.99

4. Chunky Tassel Throw WestElm.com $69

5. Hermes Avalon Blanket Hermes.com $1,125

Fall is here and the delicate chill outside makes it the perfect time to open the windows, and cozy up  on the couch.  I have strict policies on blankets they must be oversized to really curl up in, have a luxurious feel, and a stylish appearance.   For this fall and into winter I love wool blankets they are so cozy and remind me of this fabulous Tartan Plaid Ralph Lauren Wool Blanket my Aunt had.  The delicate tonal patterns that match your decor add a new texture and coordinate to any rooms decor.  As we know I love feminine touches so ruffles are a must, and bold of pops of color are great to cheer you up as the temperature goes down.  Chunky sweater throws are my absolute favorite they stretch, are heavy, and cozy a preppy girl classic.  What more is there to say about Hermes its the ultimate luxury the H for me stands for Hall and in terms of color it must be Hermes Orange.  So whatever your style is cozy up in your favorite.

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Simple Trinkets

Guess who is not having the best day ever?  That would be yours truly!  When I have a rough day I like to think about simple things that make me smile.  My favorite trinkets are little inexpensive finds, and something about etsy makes me feel like the handmade trinkets are that much more special.  Here are some of my quick pick me ups for the day!

Burlap Ticking Pillow http://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleMissMomma

Sideways Cross Bracelet http://www.etsy.com/shop/classicdesigns

Crab Compact Mirror http://www.etsy.com/shop/ByMiMi

Vintage Ice Cream Bowls http://www.etsy.com/shop/Lisseque

Fleur De Lis Frame http://www.etsy.com/shop/EmbellishedBayou

Monogrammed Soap http://www.etsy.com/shop/soapsationalcreation

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Black Bean Quinoa

Quinoa, is a food that is rather new to me, its super good for you and has a taste quality similar to that of  couscous, and pastina.  It is cooking similar to rice 2 cups of water for ever 1 cup of quinoa, but finding what to pair it with was a little tough.  So while I become familiar with this super food I surfed the internet for a recipe that was not going to taste too dietetic.  I came across this black bean quinoa recipe on epicurious found here .  The additions that I made were: fresh corn on the cob, 1 green pepper, and the juice of  1 lemon.  If you are looking away to add this protein rich food into your diet but not sacrifice and flavor try this out.  Before too long I’m sure you’ll see some Tracey original quinoa recipes soon!

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