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You ever notice how kids find such excitement with each holiday?  Well my psuedo nephews are no exception and with halloween on the cusp I wanted to make them a treat that is as delicious as they are.  I took your standard black and white cookie and just colored the vanilla portion for a festive twist, and who doesn’t love black and white cookies?  These ambiguous treats are one of my favorite: neither cake nor cookie, chocolate or vanilla!  Since I didn’t have the ingredients for my own recipe I used this one from smitten kitchen, and they are scrumptious!




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Black Bean Quinoa

Quinoa, is a food that is rather new to me, its super good for you and has a taste quality similar to that of  couscous, and pastina.  It is cooking similar to rice 2 cups of water for ever 1 cup of quinoa, but finding what to pair it with was a little tough.  So while I become familiar with this super food I surfed the internet for a recipe that was not going to taste too dietetic.  I came across this black bean quinoa recipe on epicurious found here .  The additions that I made were: fresh corn on the cob, 1 green pepper, and the juice of  1 lemon.  If you are looking away to add this protein rich food into your diet but not sacrifice and flavor try this out.  Before too long I’m sure you’ll see some Tracey original quinoa recipes soon!

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Everyone who knows me knows that I am kind of a baking snob.  I extremely rarely bake things from a box, and when I do it can’t be as simple as adding the ingredients listed.  These little treats can be made in your mini cupcake pan, or in a 8×8 pan.

Make boxed brownies as indicated, fill greased mini muffin pan half way.  Top with the following cream cheese mixture.

1 8 oz. Brick of Cream Cheese

1 Egg

1/3 C. Sugar

3/4 C. mini chocolate chips

Pinch of salt.

Bake at 350* for 20 minutes, cool and refrigerate.

These are delicious warm but enjoyed much more cold!

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