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Cozy Throws

1. Pendleton Herringbone Wool Throw pendleton-usa.com $124

2. Sea Green Stripe Throw overstock.com $29.49

3. Martha Stewart Ruffle Throw macys.com $39.99

4. Chunky Tassel Throw WestElm.com $69

5. Hermes Avalon Blanket Hermes.com $1,125

Fall is here and the delicate chill outside makes it the perfect time to open the windows, and cozy up  on the couch.  I have strict policies on blankets they must be oversized to really curl up in, have a luxurious feel, and a stylish appearance.   For this fall and into winter I love wool blankets they are so cozy and remind me of this fabulous Tartan Plaid Ralph Lauren Wool Blanket my Aunt had.  The delicate tonal patterns that match your decor add a new texture and coordinate to any rooms decor.  As we know I love feminine touches so ruffles are a must, and bold of pops of color are great to cheer you up as the temperature goes down.  Chunky sweater throws are my absolute favorite they stretch, are heavy, and cozy a preppy girl classic.  What more is there to say about Hermes its the ultimate luxury the H for me stands for Hall and in terms of color it must be Hermes Orange.  So whatever your style is cozy up in your favorite.


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