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DIY Homemade Shelf

A couple of months ago I blogged about installing my own chandelier and butting up a mirror in my entrance way (see here ).  It seemed as though something was still lacking.  The space is kind of small so a table was out of the question, so I decided to make a charming shelf.  What you will need:  remnint of plywood according you your measurements,  a piece of fabric that is cut to fit the wood with an inch on all sides of overhang, liquid starch, bucket, and brackets.

To start this project you are going to take your measured fabric and submerge it in a bucket of starch.  The starch may shrink the fabric a tad, but that is why you cut extra fabric.  The fabric is then applied to the wood making sure to press out any air bubbles.  The starch will act as a glue, to seal off the ends fold as a package and allow to dry.  

To install the shelf I selected some brackets from anthropologie, measured and made sure they were level then screwed in with screws.  I placed the bored on top and the rest is history!


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A couple of friends have been calling my the Craigslist Super Sleuth my ability to comb through the furniture postings, and find great things to re-purpose or refinish things (cheap) seems to be impecable.  My find this week was a crate and barrel coffee table, the beauty cost me $50.  I found the wrought iron and glass top a little contemporary, but the bones of the piece (tiny scrolls, bow like detail in the middle) were just dainty enough.  With a coat of paint this gem was bound to work!  

I started by cleaning the table so the paint would adhere.  Although spray paint may have been the easier choice, getting a color to compliment my walls was to tough.  I decided to use the left over paint from my living room (benjamin moore haystack) I applied with an inch paint brush and the rest is history.  My tips for a seamless finish would be to use primer, and an angled inch wide brush for the thin frame.  I am just so excited to finally rest my cocktail while watching T.V.!

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Well its no shock that I have needed something to grace the blank canvases that are my walls.  I took my passion for molding and personal touches as inspirations for the latest addition to my place.  What you will need for this is: 3 poster size picture frames ( or handiness with molding, a miter saw, t square, and nails), paint (traditional or spray), 3 smaller frames, cute knobs (see earlier post), ribbon, staple gun, Drill, level, painters tape.

I picked up these frames inexpensively at the Christmas Tree Shop the problem was that they were  black so with a little paint I was able to turn them into the vision in white I dreamed they could be.

Next I took a level, along with the measurements of the frames (minus a couple of inches) and painted a solid white background to compliment the white molding (frames)  that I had painted earlier.

Next I picked up a set of 6 decorative knobs at TJ Maxx for 12 bucks, I know a pretty sweet score!  I found the center and the placement in which I wanted to use to hang these bad boys and created a hole with the drill and screwed the knobs in.  Next I took the grosgrain ribbon and stapled it to the back of the smaller frames.  

I finished by hanging the final product.  I have not decided on what I am going to put in the picture frames yet: black and white photos, fun post cards, cute fabric swatches, fun sketchings, the options are limitless.  Take a look at the final product, not a shabby way to jazz up a wall space eh?

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top left: glass Knobs Target.com $31.98 for a set of 8

top right: Beaded Antique Knob Anthropologie.com $8.00 each

Bottom: Antique Starfish Knob homedepot.com $5.95 each

Anthropologie always has the most amazing decorative knobs, and I am always in love with each and every one of them.  The secret is these knobs are not as useless as you would think, they have many purposes and you can certainly put them to use.  Whether you are refinishing a flea market find, jazzing up your dresser, or adding flair to your kitchen or bathroom these seem like the obvious solution.  There are so many other uses: screwing them into the back of a door to hang coats, towels, pj’s or purses, arranging coordinating styles in a closet or on a wall to hang your favorite bracelets or necklaces, or used as hardware to hang your favorite photos. So don’t be intimidated by these little adornments and find your favorite use!

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Every weekend I try to do something to improve my place.  This weekend I tackled the task of painting my living room.  I started by taping one night to get a jump on the project.

.  I knew i wanted to paint my neutral yellow and faced the daunting task of picking out a color.  After numerous paint swatches and 8 pod paints I decided on Hay Stack from Benjamin Moore.  I bought two gallons of paint and had a $20.00 off coupon to Wallauers so this project cost me $60.00.  One whole 8 hour day later the transformation was complete.  I am still getting used to the change, as the yellow taken on different intensities depending on the item.  So if you are looking to give your place a facelift paint is definitely the most bang for your buck!





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