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About two weeks ago I made the transition into working from home.  To most people this sounds like a tiny slice of heaven but, it is a huge adjustment, and I don’t know how well I am actually coping.  The upswing, is that it really has highlighted how sparse my place really is and all those projects I have moved to the back burner.  With the option of frolicking outside slowly dying down, I am going to take this weekend to focus on some house projects I have left incomplete, or have simply just said I’ll do it later.

Finding a great antique settee to re-upholster, and possibly re-finish for my living room.


Stripping my kitchen table, painting it white and finding fun mis-matched antique chairs to create a great place to enjoy coffee, friends, and dinner.

Enhancing my persian chic bedroom with more: textures, patterns, and a perfect pink hue that screams soothing and not little girl

Finally, finishing the antique dresser I scored for $25 on Craigs List that has been sitting in my parents garage

Whether your weekend To do list be big or small, enjoy your weekend!



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